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Manaan Kar Ray

Clinical Director, Adult, CPFT, Co Founder PROMISE Global

Manaan is a joint lead for PROMISE. He is  a Consultant Psychiatrist at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge. He is also the Clinical Director for Adult Mental Health within CPFT. He trained in Psychiatry in Oxford. He is passionate about recovery and changing the power balance between professionals and patients. He has led a number of transformation projects with recovery at its heart. He is married and has two young children who keep him busy. When he does find the time he is a keen photographer and loves to travel. He also enjoys racket sports, badminton and table tennis and his kids are forcing him to learn roller skating.

Footprints: The Role of Empathy on the PROMISE Journey

In footprints, I share a personal experience of how it feels to be at the receiving end of overt force. An experience that has been formative for me and has given me insight and impetus to forge forward on the PROMISE journey.

I was working as a specialist registrar and was asked by my team to join a Mental Health Act assessment. The patient concerned had been reviewed by myself a month before and we had formed good rapport. However, in the last fortnight, family had expressed concerns that he might have stopped taking his medication and was becoming paranoid and suspicious. Efforts by the team to engage him had failed in the last week. He had a past history of violence and the team contacted the police to be on the safe side.


Along with the patient’s GP and a social worker we arrived at the patient’s family home and were invited in by his mother. We sat down in the living room and the police stayed outside at the door. The patient came in and seemed generally happy to see us and shook my hand. Fairly relaxed he sat down right beside me, it was one of those settees into which you sink in. The social worker started explaining why we were here.

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