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Andrew Molodynski

Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health

Andrew Molodynski is a consultant psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and honorary senior lecturer at Oxford University, UK. He has worked in community psychiatry for fifteen years and been actively involved in research in the field for ten. The main focus of his research has been with the social psychiatry group in Oxford and he has been a member of the octet study team for several years.

 He has also published on social and occupational functioning in people with severe mental illness and on different forms of service provision. He has co- authored book chapters on assertive outreach, coercion, and adult safeguarding and published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is the chair of the World Association of Social Psychiatry working group on coercion and coordinates their website (www.coercioninpsychiatry.com) which aims to provide education and links for interested parties.

Due to his ongoing commitment to integrating clinical practice, research, and training Andrew has recently taken on the roles of NIHR lead for mental health research in the Thames Valley and South Midlands and associate training programme director for senior trainees in the same region.

Force in the community: findings from the OCTET trial

This presentation very briefly describes the findings of the OCTET study, a randomised controlled trial of Community Treatment orders in England following their introduction in 2008. The existing evidence base is briefly considered alongside the context of high rates of patient experienced coercion in some community services.