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PROactive Management of Integrated

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Judy Dean

Head of Nursing, CPFT

I am the Head of Nursing for CPFT and have worked within the NHS for 30 years. I trained as a mental health nurse in 1988 having first qualified as a general nurse in 1986. I hold a post-graduate diploma in Mental Health Innovations and a Masters Degree in Mental Health. I believe very strongly in our need to deliver services that are kind to both the people who use them and to those working within them.

I am proud to lead CPFT’s work on the implementation of the Department of Health’s Positive and Proactive Care Programme and be a part of the PROMISE team.

Measuring Restrictive Practice – CPFT Improvement Journey

Improving the quality of restrictive practice incident reporting, recording and analysis has been an important aspect of the Trust’s Positive and Proactive Care work. This has enabled us to begin to closely chart and monitor our progress in reducing restrictive practices within our inpatient services, particularly incidents of prone restraint.

The session outlines where we were pre- February 2015 and the system changes we have made (and continue to make) in order  meet our aspiration to produce and share trustworthy information that can be used to challenge, support and guide wise decision making for service and practice improvement.