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Brisbane Chapter

About Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS) is a major healthcare provider, delivering both inpatient and community specialist mental health care, and community alcohol and drug services to a diverse population of 1.1 million Queenslanders in the Metro South Brisbane area. The service, which is part of Metro South Health, provides professional training, education and research, through numerous partnerships with universities and other centres of learning.

MSAMHS employs more than 1200 specialist addiction and mental health staff who work from four hospitals and eight community centres that offer an array of therapeutic interventions focused on improving the health of our community.

Its four strategic priorities are:

better outcomes for consumers, families, carers and community.

partnership approach - linking and engaging with the community.

accountability and confidence in the health system.

excellence in clinical care, education and research.

MSAMHS supports an organisational culture that promotes integrated care through research and education for evidence-based, best practice care by:

establishing sustainable programs and enable continuous education opportunities that are based on the principle of provision of excellence in care for consumers, their families and carers

supporting clinical and non-clinical staff to access expert addiction and mental health education and training programs to meet their learning and development needs

supporting the Academic Clinical Units to undertake research within their specialty

building on the educational and research opportunities through the Centre for Neuroscience, Recovery and Mental Health under the auspice of Diamantina Health Partners.

The Centre for Neuroscience, Recovery and Mental Health has been established to facilitate the utilisation of world class neuroscience research and education to effectively inform and improve healthcare for individuals with mental health disorders. The Centre’s partners, known collectively as Diamantina Health Partners, are committed to forming a sustainable partnership that expands and develops neuroscience, molecular and cellular research; scopes out areas of innovation in neurology and rehabilitation; and develops post graduate mental health educational programs. The aim is to improve the lives of those with mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders through better and earlier diagnostic practices, better understanding of demographic and socioeconomic influences, and research from the cellular and molecular to clinical trials and the further development of therapies and early intervention.