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Cape Town Chapter

Cape Town Chapter

University of Cape Town leads the Cape Town Chapter. Cape Town is hosting the 2016 World Psychiatric Congress .

Depart ment of Psychiatry,

University of Cape Town

Head:  Prof Dan Stein

General overview:

The Department aims to be a leading centre of academic excellence that produces transformative and integrative teaching, research, healthcare and public service relevant to mental illness and well-being in local, African and global contexts. The Department currently has more than 150 staff members. Divisions of the Department comprise Addiction Psychiatry/ Psychology, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, Forensic Mental Health, Intellectual Disability Psychiatry/Psychology, Neuropsychiatry/Neuropsychology, General Adult Psychiatry, Liaison Psychiatry/Psychology, Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Public and Community Mental Health/Psychiatry. Joint appointment members of the Department provide clinical services at 6 Hospitals. We are committed to a primary care approach in each of our Divisions/focus areas, and we also provide assertive outreach and supportive services to Step-Down Facilities, District Hospitals and Community Health Clinics in the West Metro area, and beyond.  

Teaching in the Department includes extensive participation in the education of undergraduates studying medicine and allied professions (including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing), postgraduate registrar training in psychiatry, and sub-specialty training.  The Department is also a registered site for the training of intern clinical psychologists.  Sub-specialty training occurs in each of the Divisions. Particular attention is paid during training to issues relevant to the South African context, where the bulk of mental health services must be delivered at a primary care level.  The Department aims to integrate teaching, research, and clinical services.  Research covers a broad range of areas relevant to the South African context. The Department also collaborates broadly on providing clinical services, teaching, research and advocacy in the city, country, and continent.  Members of the Department liaise with different governmental Departments, as well as with non-governmental organizations and scientific councils, both locally and internationally.  They serve as editors or editorial board members of both local and international journals, in both general psychiatry and sub-specialties.

Peter Milligan

Pete has worked in a range of rural and urban settings in South Africa, both as a clinician and as a manager. He is currently the head of Acute Services at Valkenberg Hospital, Cape Town and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the University of Cape Town where he is the joint head of the Division of General Adult Psychiatry and chair of the Postgraduate Training Committee. He leads the specialist training programme in Psychiatry. He also participates in various service platforms in the Cape Town Metro and the Provincial Department of Health. His particular interests are in public mental health and in health service management.

Sharon Kleintjes

Sharon has worked in various settings in the Western Cape Province’s Department of Health as a clinical psychologist, including intellectual disability, child and adolescent mental health and adult psychiatry settings, and as a programme manager for mental health policy implementation in the province.  She currently works as the principal psychologist at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.  She particularly enjoys convening a clinical psychology internship programme at the hospital.  Sharon is also jointly appointed to the Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health at the University of Cape Town as a Senior Lecturer and serves as co-chair of the Division of Psychotherapy within the department.  Her research interests are public mental health policy and service development, and service user involvement in their recovery.