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PROactive Management of Integrated

Services & Environments



Holding the gains and evolving as required is essential to maintaining the initiative. Repeated cycles of ‘Plan – Do – Study – Act’ will generate new standards which need incorporation into business as usual. The two key challenges to sustainability are initiative decay, where things slip back over time and that of improvement islands, where change in one area does not spread elsewhere. However we do not want change that is absolute in its sustainability. A sustainable change today could become resistance to change tomorrow.  Instead we want change that is sustainable till a new idea comes along. And the way to expose oneself to a larger pool of ideas is to get out there and get it out there. All organisations involved in mental health will be some way along the journey to create humane services. There is a lot of knowledge and experience that we can all gain from and contribute to. The aspiration to create a new discourse is like building a massive, multi-dimensional jigsaw. We do not know where we will find the next piece that will fit in, the answer might lie in a local charity down the road or right across the globe, where the parameters of care might be quite different. As we start to feel we are getting somewhere with our jigsaw a new dimension will evolve which will take the organisation and the care provided at the frontline onto a different plane.  Developing and nurturing partnerships are therefore of key importance. A competitive stance between care organisations is pointless, the power of the information age is such that innovations get rapidly replicated, so if one has to compete, one should compete on collaboration. Others will mirror ones collaborative stance and all can benefit from sharing of successes. Exposing our services to external scrutiny and recognition will only improve them further. Exposure for our key pathfinders to potential partners will also enrich their leadership journeys and create conduits through which knowledge and wisdom will flow.