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Reinventing the Wheel

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Evolve: The early adopters of an innovation can refine an idea and adapt it to their service area. This creates ownership as what gets implemented is a re-innovation, a newer version. In the pursuit of excellence knowing when and how to reinvent the wheel is the trick. The wheel’s evolutionary journey did not start with pneumatic tyres nor with cart wheels. From sliced up tree trunks to modern day wheels is a journey of continuous improvement. This is a fundamental concept to grasp as there is always room for improvement, and when these innovations get synthesised into recovery pathways, patient benefits are immense. It is also important to acknowledge that some innovations will be a dead end, but a learning organization embraces these as well to shape their future. If such is the stance then the roadmap will never be static. Staff and patients working together will continually redefine the frontiers of humane care. Success breeds success and celebrating new standards and the achievements of the pathfinders will result in ideas and innovations springing from all sectors and levels of the organization, it will further bolster the culture of leadership at all levels. Indeed one needs to track the ideas as they rapidly morph at replication but one has to resist the temptation to do version control. The role of leadership is to provide the support and the framework within which evolution can take place. What works will dictate which version remains on the knowledge exchange as the established path for the organization.