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PROactive Management of Integrated

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Knowledge Exchange - Mapping Frontline Initiatives

Lorna Rouse

Striking the balance between care and control, risk and recovery is an everyday concern for staff at the frontline. Individual practitioners and teams within CPFT have come up with imaginative ways to meet this challenge. Through the mapping of frontline initiatives, we want to capture, share and celebrate these small but significant changes that have a big impact on day to day care.  

For the Mapping Frontline Initiatives work stream Lorna is meeting with frontline staff to:

Explore their understanding of proactive care.

Capture what is good.

Harness new ideas.

Identify barriers and wish lists.

Replicate and celebrate frontline initiatives.

The overarching aim of PROMISE is to produce a proactive care framework that supports staff and service users on the journey towards eliminating reliance on force in mental health services. This framework will provide a variety of resources to support and inspire positive and proactive care, including a model for organisational change and descriptions of proactive initiatives from frontline ward staff.  

In order to provide a useful resource that supports the day-to-day reality of implementing positive and proactive care it is essential to engage with frontline staff to recognise and share their ideas and experiences.  The Mapping Frontline Initiatives project draws on the wealth of experience at the frontline by collating details of new and longstanding proactive initiatives.  It will contribute to the proactive care framework by:

Collating details of initiatives to facilitate the sharing of ideas.

Exploring ways new ideas can be developed, supported and shared.

Recording the benefits of current initiatives.

Recording practical difficulties and the ways in which these can be overcome.

Providing useful details to consider when implementing an initiative e.g. the time and resources required.

Highlighting initiatives that are unique to specific client groups and those which work well across wards.  

Providing insight into organisational/cultural change.

Progress & Next Steps

So far Lorna has met with ward managers from 16 CPFT wards.  The next steps are to:

Speak with staff who have led proactive initiatives

Create and theme a portfolio of current proactive initiatives.

Work with staff and service users to develop this information into a practical and supportive resource.

We will continue to update this page with progress from the mapping project.  You can read summaries of some current initiatives here.  

If you have any ideas or proactive initiatives (new or longstanding) that you would like to tell us about please do get in touch by email: lorna.rouse@cpft.nhs.uk or phone: 07519735137.