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Force is incompatible with the vision of recovery. Even if it is in the patient’s best interest, coercion disempowers patients and perpetuates them and us. PROMISE Global aspires to set and break through frontiers of humane mental health care and eliminate reliance on force. A collaboration between Cambridge, Yale, Brisbane, Prague and Cape Town, we are keen to work with and learn from organisations who are on a similar journey to ours. To establish a leadership structure we are looking to recruit three additional founding members. Together we hope to create a framework that will serve as a compass for other aspiring organisations and health economies.

Working together towards common goals is one of the fundamental pillars of the recovery movement, whether it be a recovery journey for an individual in which a professional and a patient map the road ahead together or it be one for societal change. With a goal in mind when we organize ourselves with our allies we can achieve the unachievable. From eradicating small pox to decoding the human genome, from the international space station to mapping the universe, our collective history is full of examples of how effective we are working together.

We hope our alliance of like-minded organizations will set new standards in Mental Health Care. With a 10 year horizon in mind we want to work towards eradicating any reliance on force in our services by using recovery principles and positive and proactive care.

Vision: Establish a global alliance that repeatedly redefines the frontiers of humane care in Mental Health.

Expectation: As founding members there will be an expectation to share and continuously push the boundaries of recovery practice. Using guided discovery we will actively work to bring other organisations and health economies on board.

Ambition: Propagate globally the practice of establishing a culture of positive and proactive care across the patient journey and eliminate reliance on force in Mental Health. On reaching critical mass the cross pollination between partners with free flowing knowledge, resources and experience will provide the innovations that are needed to repeatedly redefine the frontiers of care. A vision that is shared worldwide will provide the launching pad for new standards in collective expectation and action. Together we will be bigger than the sum of our parts.

The network would offer unique opportunities to members who aspire to make meaningful changes to the way mental health services are delivered. Organisations would have a chance to share knowledge, best practice and tap into a pool of innovation. Over time a bank of wide ranging, evidence based proactive care tools and resources, relevant to different settings, would be established.

How it would work?

Organisations allied to mental health would be encouraged to join the alliance and demonstrate their commitment to creating humane services. For example those involved in training and education could show their commitment by using the PROMISE framework /toolkit (to be developed by founding members) while training future doctors and nurses. Those currently providing health and social care could show commitment by investing in proactive care initiatives that have successfully reduced reliance on force. There will be an expectation to share success and failings so that all can benefit from individual organizational journeys. The alliance hopes to grow organically through personal networks and connections with the expectation that each new partner will recruit a further two organizations. Effectively in due course we will be able to establish continental and national chapters of PROMISE with regular net meetings of partner organisations to share progress.

Members would be able to access the Promise framework with its portfolio of ideas, initiatives and innovations. The insights we have gained will provides a deeper understanding of how staff can be taken on an organisational journey, the barriers they might face and ideas for overcoming these challenges. Those who have joined the alliance would also be able to share the learning from their own improvement journeys and support each other to make changes. Signing the alliance would be a way for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the use of force and coercive practices and show they are striving to make improvements. We hope the addition of new members and partners will continue to breathe fresh air into PROMISE and our shared portfolio will continue to develop and evolve. In time this will create a movement for social change.

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Redefining Together Frontiers of Humane Mental Health Care