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Changing spaces

Shanine Marsh, IASS

We decided to move the dining area on IASS.  The original dining area was a thorough fare with people coming and going all the time.  The main entrance and meeting room were visible and everyone could see and hear when someone’s doctor had arrived.  The phone would be ringing and people would be coming and going through the front door.  This was distracting and made maintaining confidentiality difficult.  It also led to anxiety as patients waited expectantly for their own doctor, particularly on days when multidisciplinary team meetings were held.  Activities took place in the same space and service users often became too anxious and distracted to engage.  

We had a more private space which was being used as a lounge area, including a pool table.  We hired a man with a van to move the pool table and we swapped these two areas around.  This simple change has had many benefits.  Now mealtimes take place in a more private, quieter space and the environment is less distracting.  Anxiety levels have fallen and the ward feels more relaxed, especially at mealtimes.  The front door is not visible from the dining area so patients can’t see the doctors arriving whilst they are eating or taking part in activities.  When staff call people in to a meeting and they haven’t had time to sit waiting getting anxious.  They are in a much better place when they come in, which is lovely.


Eating Together

Shanine Marsh, IASS

Staff and patients eat meals together.  Some patients might not want to eat if they are feeling depressed or anxious or may lack confidence eating with others.  Eating together helps provide role models.  It is also a good venue to engage and learn to turn take in general discussion.  It’s a nice free time when people are supported to be relaxed.  It’s like being at home, people get together and talk about their day.  Topics from communication and recovery groups can be linked into mealtimes e.g. Diwali, dishes from the countries involved in the World Cup or the Olympics.  Staff have also been asked if they would like to cook their national dish.  It gives service users and staff the opportunity to taste something different.  

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