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Jane Crolley, Ward Manger, Oak 2

On Oak 2 we’ve started to do what we call a tea and toast reflective group in the evenings.  It’s really important to get a good night’s sleep but a lot of our patients haven’t had a good night’s sleep, it’s a problem for them.  I think to be able to benefit from lots of different interventions, you’ve got to have good sleep hygiene so we’re looking at appropriate drinks and appropriate environments.  At the end of the day we want people to go to bed in a relaxed frame of mind.  The tea and toast reflection group is where the staff and the patients sit together for about half an hour and they talk about their day.  Any frustrations they are then able to air and get rid of before the night time.  It’s a really good useful activity that’s very easy to put in place and doesn’t take up many resources.  We just make sure we’ve got plenty of bread or whatever snack it is they decided to have (we call it tea and toast but it could be any drink and a snack) we just need to make sure that that’s there.  The snack and a drink is something they used to have access to anyway, it’s just about making it a little bit more communal, everybody can sit and have a bit of time together.  That’s something we’ve been doing now for about 4 months and it’s working very well.  It’s a really positive thing and the men are saying they find it really helpful to settle their minds before they start to go to their rooms to sleep at night.  

Maxine Coppard, Ward Manager, Oak 3

We’ve recently started a breakfast group at the weekend where we offer an alternative to the usual in the morning e.g. cereals, toast or porridge.  Once a week the patients do a breakfast group led by a staff member who purchases the food e.g. bacon sandwiches or croissant or fruit salad, something just a bit different.  What’s on offer can be changed according to who is here, some would like healthier options and we offer that too.  We’ll see how that goes, that’s new.

Becky Thorogood, Ward Manager, Oak 1

On Oak 1 we’ve started to use a report out board.  This was an idea that was inspired by a visit to Roseberry Park Hospital in Middlesbrough and we’ve adapted it for our use in Peterborough.  It’s a board which shows all the jobs that are required on admission.  We add each patient’s name to the board and then as any member of staff completes a task they sign for it.  Different members of the staff team are shown in different colours e.g. nurses, HCAs, pharmacy, admin, doctors and the therapy team.  In the admission routine, whoever is accountable for that task is clearly identified and they’ll work their way through it and tick it off on the board.  It’s been really helpful, the patient experience is better because that process is getting more streamlined and effective and our scores on patient satisfaction have improved.  It means that everybody knows what’s expected of them and you’re not doubling up on work.  If a task is ticked then you know it’s been done, that’s made admission a much leaner process, which can only benefit the patient.  

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