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Breaking the Chains

14th May 2015: Cambridge University South East Asian Forum and the Gates Cambridge Scholars Council hosted Dr Erminia Colucci with a screening of Breaking the Chains.

Breaking the Chains is an ethnographic documentary that depicts the use of physical restraint and confinement of people with mental illness in Indonesia, a practice known as pasung in this country but widespread also in other low-middle income countries. The film contributes to an understanding of pasung, the reasons behind this practice, and the issues that must be overcome to eradicate this human rights abuse. This film tells an original story about the social and political activism to free them from this practice. In particular, the film will follow the activities that have been initiated by an organization run by people with mental health problems. For further info or to join the mailing list, please visit Movie-ment.

Dr Colucci is a Lecturer at Centre for Psychiatry, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. She is also affiliated to the Global and Cultural Mental Health Unit, School of Population and Global Health, the University of Melbourne (Australia). The following video has excerpts from the post screening Q&A session.