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Ready Steady Care

Rebecca Thorogood (Oak 1)

Through reviewing our patient experience survey results and discussing in Governance meetings on oak 1 staff member health care assistant Val Richards decided with a wealth of cooking experience on the ward we could harbour these skills and start to change the dining experience.  Val organised for a slow cooker meal day, which immediately had positive results and feedback.  From this we decided to stand behind Val as a ward and commit to cooking three slow cooker meals a week on the ward.

We are sharing stories and tips around cooking, old mothers tales of ways to prepare food and get the best flavours.  Patients are learning skills and sharing skills to take back into their homes, some are hoping to purchase their own cookers for when they leave the ward.   Our ward is filled with laughter, motivation and excitement throughout the cooking days, everyone joins in the process and sits down at the end of the day around the tables for a family style meal.   Our survey results have improved drastically, incidents have decreased on the ward and the response to ready steady care is buzzing.

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