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PROactive Management of Integrated

Services & Environments



1. PROTECT (PROactive deTECTion)

PROTECT, the first of four PROMISE framework works at an individual level. It is a framework through which one can raise the level of self-awareness an individual has and co-create novel solutions to situations which one has found challenging before. These safety plans provides the individual and people involved in their lives with the understanding that they need to navigate through narrow straits. For staff it provides guidance on the principles and the architecture of the conversations that are needed. (Download PDF)

2. PROMOTE (PROactive Modelling Of Therapeutic Environments)

PROMOTE is geared to produce a creative, reflective healing environment for teams so that they ideas may germinate and bloom into innovations. It is about making the small changes that make a big difference. The right team culture can work as a propeller or the wind in the sails of team members who feel empowered to engage in courageous conversations and ask why or why not? (Download PDF)

3. PROGRESS (PROactive Governacne of Recovery Settings and Services)

PROGRESS is targeted at the service level but has its origins lie in individual level key performance indicators. Ward to board visibility is essential for to understand whether things are on course or not. It provides a framework for thinking through KPIS across the patient pathway from access through to discharge as well as providing the right mix from those indicators that are essential through desirable to aspirational. The four key domains are those of Clinical Effectiveness, Patient Experience, Staff Engagement and Value for Money. (Download PDF)

4. PROCESS (PROduce Creative Effective Simple Solutions)

PROCESS is the PROMISE Leadership framework and operates at an organizational. It is meant to create an empowered culture which is driven by a clear vision in which staff and patients can co-produce and enact out a novel discourse that is central to recovery oriented services. Envision, Enable and Enact are the tree phases of PROCESS and as the overarching framework influences the other three. (Download PDF)