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PROactive Management of Integrated

Services & Environments


PROJECT 52: 2016 (Download pdf)

Objective: Create a global knowledge network for proactive practice. PROJECT 52 is at the heart of the PROMISE mission statement and is our effort to capture and collate ideas and innovations at the frontline and learn from each others successes and struggles.

Concept: Get out there and get it out there. Every week of 2016 an innovation / initiative will be shared throughout the network. Put simply it will create a conduit through which proactive practice knowledge will be disseminated.

All organisations involved in mental health will be some way along the journey to create humane services. There is a lot of knowledge and experience that we can all gain from and contribute to. Our shared aspiration to create a novel discourse is like building a massive, multi-dimensional jigsaw. We do not know where we will find the next piece that will fit in, the answer might lie in a local charity down the road or right across the globe, where the parameters of care might be quite different. Project 52 hopes to tap into the enormous diversity and reach of our partners and facilitate global cross fertilisation.

For patients and staff, the benefits of PROJECT 52 are far reaching. Learning through partnerships will not only broaden horizons and help further develop our own pathways of care, but it will also provide exposure to our pathfinders, enriching their leadership journeys. The morale boost from the knowledge that a team’s achievement (e.g. in Cape Town) is being discussed across the globe (e.g. in Cambridge) is immeasurable.

New insights from organisations which have been on their own journey of self-discovery will provide the new tools or concepts for further re-innovation and emergence onto a higher plane. The principal objective of our global alliance is how together we can expedite the transformative journeys of the frontline of our mental health organisations. The frontiers of our organisations will no longer be a barrier to jointly redefining the frontiers of humane care.

Pragmatics: Once a year each site would contribute approximately 500 words (one side of an A4) describing an idea, innovation, initiative or research finding. In the first instance this might be a description of services they provide or an example of good practice or acknowledge a member of staff for their contributions. We have kept it broad on purpose as we want the project to evolve organically. Partners can contribute more frequently and we will make every effort to get them into the bulletin as soon as possible. Generally we will operate on a first come first serve basis. Anita Mcafee (promise@cpft.nhs.uk) based in the Cambridge PROMISE office, will provide administrative support to PROJECT 52. She will collate the write ups, put it into the PROMISE format and disseminate to the mailing list. Partners will then have the responsibility to cascade / forward in their own organizations.