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PROactive Management of Integrated

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The PROMISE portfolio comprises of these 5 broad areas and we are in the process of developing these further. We are also keen to work with partner organizations so that we can learn from each other and further embellish our portfolio.


Insights: On the PROMISE journey we have gained from time to time unique insights. Engaging with staff in guided discovery of these insights has been quite helpful in promoting ownership and propagation in the frontline. Some have been written as stories (using a nautical analogy), some are narratives of patient journeys, some are reflections and some are commentaries.

Implements: These are tools that have come bottom up from the frontline. We have found that using them one can create a milieu in which staff can reflect on the current and take the next steps by critically evaluating the entrenched culture. They also help us overcome desensitisation that we as staff experience.

Innovations: These again are bottom up steps that have been taken by our staff and part of the knowledge bank which is for ever evolving. Small changes that make a big difference are plentiful in this section.

Initiatives: Certain larger pieces of work that we are rolling out in a planned way across the entire directorate.

Indices: These are metrics that will help us to know where we are and where we need to be. When looking at the use of force one could be constrained by the reporting requirements and just monitor the number of incidents occurring rather than intelligently measuring what happened before and after as well as the actual incident itself. These incidents should help us better understand whether we are able to change the nature of day to day interactions at the frontline.


Space Programme



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