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Peer Support Worker Project

Sharon Gilfoyle


Developed in Arizona USA, by META Services (Now called Recovery Innovations), RIAZ Recovery Innovations of Arizona provide individual and hospital-based peer support: “Peer Support specialists and recovery coaches are powerful recovery role models that engage each individual served in a personal recovery programme. Based on the person’s goals the peer staff offer a wide range of support activities, skill building, and case management”.

What is peer support?

What is a Peer Support Worker?

"Someone with significant experience of mental distress, who works alongside others with similar difficulties in order to facilitate recovery through promoting hope and providing support based on common experiences”
Dr Julie Repper, Recovery lead Nottingham Healthcare Trust and Associate Professor in Mental Health and Social Care, University of Nottingham, 2009

A peer worker is someone who can:

Why does it work?

"When people identify with others who they feel are ‘like them’, they feel a connection. This is turn fosters an environment where individuals can share suggestions and tips for their recovery with each other, and try out different strategies, with the support of their fellow peers."
Sherry Mead, 2001

Benefits in recovery innovations

One year after the peer support staff have began working in the two hospital facilities, there was, according to hospital administration, a:

What CPFT has achieved

RAND has published a two-page executive summary on CPFT's Peer Employment Project. Read More