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Recovery College East

About the college

Recovery College East provides a collaborative, educational learning environment and aims to convey messages of hope, empowerment and opportunity to all. It celebrates strengths and successes rather than highlighting deficits or problems.

Whether you want to develop new skills or increase your understanding of mental health challenges, you will find that the college is a relaxed, friendly place to learn with lots of support on hand if you need it.

Who can attend?

Recovery College East offers courses to:

There is no fee and no entry requirements, but people need to register and enrol before attending.

How do I register and enrol on a course?

All the information about how to register and enrol is available here.

Who runs the courses?

All courses are co-produced and co-delivered, involving at least one person with lived experience of mental health challenges. The college values the expertise gained from experience equally with that derived from professional training.

Where are the courses held?

Courses will take place at a range of community and CPFT venues across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Do you have a timetable of courses?

Yes, we have timetables covering our three main areas. For the new summer 2014 timetables, download our list from the bottom of this page.

What sort of courses are available?

Courses vary in length from one-off workshops to those that take place weekly for a number of weeks. Courses currently on offer come under the headings: moving forward, the road to recovery, and developing knowledge and skills. The range of courses available each term will vary as the college responds to the demands of its students.

Study buddies

Recovery College East is committed to ensuring open access to all students. To facilitate this, we have a number of study buddies who can, if needed, help you with all aspects of attending the college - from concerns over registration and enrolment procedures to challenges around attending the first day of a course. If you would like support from a study buddy, please contact us on 01223 884431 or e-mail us to discuss your needs.

Contact us

Recovery College East
Block 24
Ida Darwin
CB21 5EE

T 01223 884431
E recoverycollegeeast@cpft.nhs.uk

Recovery College East
Silver Birch
Gloucester Centre
Morpeth Close
Orton Longueville

T 01733 748394

"Not once before or on the course were people asked about the label that is often attached to their psychiatric experiences or their medication. I was amazed and thrilled at this freeing experience. I could just be me, which gave me reassurance and strength to grow in myself and in my relationships with others."

Peer employment student

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