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PROactive Management of Integrated

Services & Environments


Manaan Kar Ray: Manaan is a joint lead for PROMISE. He is  a Consultant Psychiatrist at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge. He is also the Clinical Director for Adult Mental Health within CPFT. He trained in Psychiatry in Oxford. He is passionate about recovery and changing the power balance between professionals and patients. He has led a number of transformation projects with recovery at its heart. He is married and has two young children who keep him busy. When he does find the time he is a keen photographer and loves to travel. He also enjoys racket sports, badminton and table tennis and his kids are forcing him to learn roller skating.

Sarah Rae: Sarah is a joint lead for PROMISE. She has accessed secondary mental health services intermittently since her early 20s. She has also received treatment as an inpatient and has witnessed the use of restraint on several occasions. Sarah trained 6 years ago as Expert by Experience with the Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust (CPFT). This led to new opportunities including the chance to become involved in Trust research projects and working groups. She also works a Trustee of national Mind and as a Lay Patient and Public Advisor to the CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Health Research and Care) East of England board. Sarah is married with 4 children, has 4 much adored Siamese cats and often gets roped into helping out with her daughter’s horse.  

Tine Van Bortel: Dr Tine Van Bortel (PhD) is a Senior Research Associate in Public Health at the University of Cambridge, Associate Professor of Health Policy at the University of Strathclyde, mandated council member with the World Economic Forum (Global Agenda Council on Mental Health) and consultant with the World Health Organisation (Mental Health and Substance Abuse). Tine Van Bortel has an interdisciplinary background in humanities, social sciences and health sciences with specific focus on global mental health and capacity building, as well as an accredited Professional qualification and practical experience as a Therapeutic Coach (integrating counselling, Mindfulness, CBT and coaching) and in mental health first aid. She also has years-long experience as an informal mental health carer.

Ceri Wilson: Ceri is a Research Associate on the PROMISE project, seconded to CPFT from Anglia Ruskin University. Ceri previously obtained a first class honours degree and a PhD in psychology from Loughborough University. Ceri’s main research interests lie in the promotion of mental health, wellbeing and social inclusion of mental health service users. In her spare time Ceri enjoys playing the guitar and ukulele, and enjoys drawing and painting. She is a proud auntie and loves spending time with her nephew and niece.

Lorna Rouse: Lorna is a Research Assistant supporting all aspects of the Promise project but with a focus on Mapping Frontline Initiatives.  Lorna originally began distance learning as a hobby and now has a First class Honours degree in Psychology from the Open University and an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University.  She has provided support to various research projects but is particularly interested in health and vulnerable groups.  Her dissertation project explored discourses of responsibility for diabetes management for adults with learning disabilities.  In her spare time Lorna volunteers for the Open University Psychological Society, organising local events and serving on the national committee as editor of the Society’s newsletter.

Mark Agius: Mark is PROMISE’s European Relationships Facilitator, he qualified (MD) from the University of Malta in 1976 and was a GP for 15 years before moving into Psychiatry in 1996. He officially retired from the NHS in 2013 and now dedicates himself to teaching students at Cambridge Clinical School and at Clare College Cambridge. Over the years he has promoted Early Intervention in Psychosis, and has developed a special interested in Bipolar Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has been actively involved in developing services across Eastern Europe. Recently he has been teaching in Charles University, Prague as well. Mark is married to Anne, but has no children. He mentions that now his greatest delight is in watching Medical Students that he teaches grow into good Doctors. He also finds pleasure in partnership working and helping the European partners further develop services.

Nursing Lead: Judy Dean, Terry Hill

Junior Trainee Lead: Haseena Hussain, Suny Coscione

Specialist Trainee Lead: Tom Spencer

PPI Coordinator: Iliana Rokkou

Occupational Therapy Lead: Emma Green

Art Therapy Lead: Michael Whitaker

Learning and Development: Sarah Russell, Stephen Paul


Most of the proactive care initiatives being developed are led by Trust frontline staff. Staff from across our services are seeking out and embracing  new ideas and, in the interests of person-centred care are continuing to develop compassionate and creative practice. At the helm, our ward leaders who have much to be proud of, to celebrate and to continue to steer with their teams.

Wards and Home Treatment Teams in Adult Acute Care, CPFT

o Cambridge

Mulberry 1 (3 day assessment unit)

Mulberry 2 (3 week treatment unit)

Mulberry 3 (3 month recovery unit)

Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (North)

Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (South)

Springbank Ward (Personality Disorder Unit)

o Peterborough

Oak 3 (3 day assessment unit)

Oak 1 (3 week female treatment unit)

Oak 2 (3 week male treatment unit)

Oak 4 (3 month recovery unit)

Poplar (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit)

Adult Acute Care Leadership Structure:

Clinical Director: Manaan Kar Ray

Deputy Clinical Director: Zahoor Syed

General Manager: Bob Thompson

Directorate Head of Nursing: Wendy Scott Earl

Pathway Leads: Asha Praseedom, Miguel De’Sexias

Modern Matrons / Service Managers: Denise Hone, Eddie Paul, Kyran Brivion, Sharon Johnson

Consultants: Reeba Jacob, Sep Hafizi, Maheshi Wikramanayake, Sarvanan Balasubramaniam

Ward Managers: Charlie (M1), Tracey Scrivener (M2), Terry Hill (M3), Jane Poppitt (SB), Maxine Coppard (O3), Becky Thoroughgood (O1), Jane Crolley (O2), Priya Callika (O4), Declan Gilmore (PICU)

CRHTT Managers: Vanessa Fergusson, Russell Clarke, Sam Swinden,

PROMISE has been funded and supported by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health  Research and Care East of England (CLAHRC EOE).


Steering Promise


Manaan Kar Ray

Joint PROMISE Lead

Clinical Director, CPFT

Sarah Rae

Joint PROMISE Lead

Expert by experience

Aidan Thomas

Executive Sponsor